Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Spring

Open toe shoes, flats with no socks,
Cropped leather jackets,
Flirty skirts and short sleeves
they all miss you

Eating outside, slow strolls and ice cream cones
they miss you
I mean real ice cream cones
not Red Mango or Pink Berry
but just to be fair, they miss you too

Spoke to the city parks and all the squares
(Union, Washington, Times, Herald, Tompkins, Cooper)
They miss you too

I’m asking for them, not for me
Will you return?
Should we wait?
Should we continue to write?
More importantly, do you miss us back? I mean them 
Do you miss them back?

Even surrounded by millions of people
It gets cold. But we get by.
We get by because we believe
Otherwise most of us... I mean them.
Most of them wouldn’t hang the way they do.
I mean I’ll be fine. It’s not about me…really!

But I don’t like when those other states talk shi* about us.
Saying how their Spring is better than ours and
how they are glad they moved away
So technically I’m doing this to protect you

So dear Spring... It’s been too long.

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