Thursday, May 19, 2011

You're Not the Boss of Me Verizon Wireless

When did we lose the ability to choose the right phone plan for ourselves? I have a huge beef with the idea that you cannot get a decent phone without a data plan. And what erks me even more is that other people think I’m nuts for not wanting the data plan and I am the crazy one for questioning this cell phone company bullying that takes place every single day in this country. People should think the cell phone carriers are nuts. Not me.

Here’s the thing. I don’t NEED a data plan. So I won’t pay extra for it. I don’t need to sit in first class when I fly, so I don’t pay extra for it. I don’t even take Jetblue’s option to pay a little extra for more legroom in coach. I don’t need it. My legs will be fine. I don’t pay extra for DVR, tv shows aren’t important enough to me to record. I don’t pay extra for bottled water at restaurants. I’m good with the tap. So WHY should I pay for a data plan I don’t need? Has anyone asked themselves this? Or do we all just go along with what the bullies say? Or are we all so afraid not to have everything that we put up with anything?

I am not 16 so I’m not afraid someone might tease me for not having an iphone or a blackberry. But at this point I can’t get any phone more than 1 notch above a flip phone because I’m a crazy, rogue, social misfit who doesn’t need a data plan. I have a 9-5 job (for now). That means from 9am (approximately) to 5pm everyday I am in front of company internet. Then when I get home I got time warner cable internet. I even have a router so there is wi-fi.. That means the only time I don’t have internet is the 50 minutes on the train in the morning and the evening (where you can’t get the signal anyway). And if I’m not at work or home then I’m out; usually with friends, boyfriend or family. All people that I want to speak to and bond with and not be on the internet. And I don't Tweet so the only time it would help is if I need urbanspoon to find a restaurant but if we didn’t have it, we’d manage. So why should I pay for a data plan when internet is EVERYWHERE? It’s even at the Apple store, Best Buy, Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles and in parks…

So NO Verizon Wireless I will NOT give you $10 a month just to have a cool phone. You must not know who you are dealing with. I grew up in a house with no cable TV til I was 18. I have the same laptop since 2005, I have the same digital camera since 2003 that I got for free from my job, I do not have a navigation system in my car. I still print faulty directions off of mapquest and then I wing it. So if you wanna go Verizon Wireless we can GO! I’m ready.   


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