Friday, February 25, 2011

2nd Avenue Station

The clicking of my heels
tap dancing along the damp sidewalk
I smile to myself
at nothing imparticular

Maybe it's the late February weather
offering foreshadowing cues of the coming spring

Maybe it's silly "young" love
filling my chest when I inhale

I enter the 2nd avenue station
catch a surprised straphanger off-guard
pissing in the corner
more due to the ingrained urgency of new yorkers
than the lack of public restrooms

I'm still smiling
this time while shaking my head

A slim, dreadlocked horn player
with coffee-colored, weather beaten skin
is playing my song on the platform

Despite my usual cynicism, skepticism and frugality
I reach into my wallet to thank him
for adding a soundtrack to Thursday night

A nod and half-smile of acknowledgement
I smile back
maybe more pleased with myself than with him

Here comes the F train

1 comment:

  1. These are the moments that really make our lives...knowing where we are, where we stand and that we wouldn't rather be somewhere else.