Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Babies in Plastic Bags.. That is so ‘90s

This morning I heard about a 14 yr old in Coney Island who had a baby, her parents didn’t know she was preggers at all. She was rushed to the hospital with “mysterious” bleeding then they found a baby in a plastic bag somewhere in her house.
I have not heard many stories like this lately the way I used to back in the day so I don’t know if they aren’t reporting them as much or if most girls aren’t ashamed to be teen moms these days or what (I’m not optimistic enough to conclude that more kids are using protection but I’m sure you could find some statistics somewhere if you wanted to). But how 1990’s is that? Stuffing the baby in a bag? And since this isn’t the 90’s she couldn’t have just been confusing the lyrics of LL’s pink cookies in a plastic bag song and thought it was cool because she has probably never heard the song. So I don’t get it.
In this day of the internet she couldn’t look into ANY other ideas or options? How many times did she go on facebook during the 9 months?? And I didn’t look but I am sure planned parenthood has a facebook page. Or something.
But maybe I should not be so focused on her. It doesn’t really surprise me that she got pregnant and didn’t want to tell anyone and just sat in denial about it until she went into labor. My problem is that her parents didn’t know she was pregnant. Do you not even LOOK at your kid ever? Obviously her mom wasn’t hanging out with her or taking her to dance class or anything like mine was when I was 14. With me in a leotard and tights 4 nights a week that “wait it out” plan just would not have worked for me. Even if you have an annoying demon of a teenager that tells you they hate you and stays locked up in their room there is no excuse. My parents would have removed my bedroom door if I tried to lock myself up in there to avoid them. And again, this isn’t the 90’s so most young girls aren’t wearing Carhart army pants, Tims and extra large banana republic sweatshirts like I used to when I was 14 which coulda hid a baby bump on a slim chic like me for a long time. Somethings gotta give. So yes. I’m blaming the parents and charging them with neglect for not even looking at their teenager for months on end and therefore having to find their grandchild in a plastic bag… as a result of the 14 year olds with the pink cookies and the crushed buildings and the lack of guidance and all of that.

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