Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Don't Worry, Be Happy

I am tired of people asking if someone is happy or proclaiming they are happy or not happy and all this talk about happy happy happy is driving me nuts. and frankly I'm not happy about it. Mostly I am annoyed because people discuss happiness as if its some place you get to or gift you receive at some projected date in the future and they don't realize that this is it. We are living it now. So find some joy in your life or bust. Obviously we should work to improve any situation that we don't like but we should not wait around for some happiness that may be dropped on our heads as a gift package some day. Those who are not married and don't have kids think that is happy. And those who are married with kids think a moment of solitude would be happy. But no situation comes with a daily happiness guarantee. I think we have been brainwashed to think we are supposed to be happy all the time and if we aren't then we are depressed right? and then we have to turn to drinking or drugs (prescription or illegal) or eating or hoarding or whatever other program about defective human behavior you can find on A&E. Many kids think you shouldn't do any job that doesn't make you happy and there is just too much focus on constant joy. What percentage of real people are actually doing a job they LOVE? Most artists don't get to do it for a living but we have kids thinking that everyone can be P. Shitty. And they are actually not embarrassed to say they want to be a rapper. They think life has wronged them somehow if they aren't constantly happy.
First of all its an American thing, we think its un-american to not be totally happy with every effin thing and to not have every single thing we want.. That kind of thinking has everyone's perspective warped or non-existent. But I think happiness can be found in the small things that we experience everyday. Here are some of mine.

1. They suspended parking rules AND meters today so I don't have to move my car
2. My apartment is warm and cozy and I don't have to leave it
3. My niece got a toy phone for Christmas and when my nephew went to play with it I was the first person he fake called
4. A great book
5. A good movie.. or a bad movie and a friend to trash it with
6. Shout outs for my blog
7. Buy one get one free cereal at CVS
8. Any awesome sale or discount
9. My bf was here to shovel out a parking spot for me last night
10. A new TV in my bedroom to watch Intervention, Hoarders, Celebrity Rehab, The Real Housewives of ATL, The First 48 and other embarrassing TV

I could go on but I think you get the point. Life is here today right now. I hope you aren't waiting for a happy package to arrive. And we all have bad moods and bad days. its ok. Have a drink, or a pill or some french fries.. I won't tell.  

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  1. CHUUUUCH! if we were all happy a lot of people would be otta jobs and in turn could'nt support their families. police, doctors, shrinks,prison guards, etc. these occupations are based on
    people not being happy. pain and suffering is a business and if you're lucky enough to have one of these careers you should be happy...i forgot to mention the people who own funeral homes.