Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Enough is Enough DOGgone it!

I despise these animal cruelty Ads like the one below and like the ASPCA Ads with Sarah Mclachlan waling throughout the commercial. I almost feel like they are insulting my intelligence. How are they going to put captions of what the animals are thinking. We have no idea what they are thinking and they darn sure can't ponder their own mortality as is suggested in the last caption where the cat is supposedly wondering "Will I die today?". I like animals. I grew up with a great dog. But what is important to note is that she was a dog. A member of the family yes but she was a dog and did not take precedence over human beings. There is no shortage of starving and abused people in the world but no one wants to focus on them. People love animals and babies because you can decide for yourself what they are thinking, create a personality for them and tell yourself that they are feeling or thinking what you want them to feel as opposed to actual children or adults who can speak for themselves and disappoint you with their words or actions. This trend of putting dogs and other animals on the same level or above people has to stop. What they did to Michael Vick over those dogs is ridiculous. He got more jail time than some child molesters. If you have a pet you should care for it properly, not abuse it but pets are not people and I don't appreciate being expected to treat them like they are. I also don't appreciate dog walkers taking up the entire sidewalk with their long ass leashes. And why would you walk your dog on a main street in the city like Broadway. Take that to the side streets. But no, everyone expects that the world wants to cuddle and coo over their dogs and we don't!! It's this kind of thinking that has the upper east side of Manhattan smelling like dog poo. People pay too much rent for it to smell like that.

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