Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Not The Help

Maybe the title is too harsh but why must everybody at my job assume I work in the call center? I DON’T and not that there is anything wrong with the call center. But weren’t we taught not to assume? And at least non-black people keep their assumptions to themselves. But black people are the worst. They like to voice their assumptions out loud. And the ones that know I do not work in the call center look at me funny for not working there.

Yesterday, company cafeteria, at the cash register. Me as myself, Cashier as young black woman.

Cashier: Maybe I should get a job in the call center. Is it really that hard?
Me: I’m not sure. Doesn’t sound like it should be too hard
Cashier: Do you like it?
Me: I don’t work there
Cashier: Oh you DON’T! (pause for shock and awe).. So where do you work?
Me: Marketing
Cashier: (blank stare and traces of confusion)
Me: (taking my change) Thanks! Have a nice day.

Company Lobby, X number of months ago. Me as myself, and random black women / job seeker as herself

Job Seeker: Excuse me do you work here?
Me: yes
Job Seeker: Where can I fill out an application?
Me: I’m actually not sure
Job Seeker: well how’d you get your job here?
Me: I applied online
Job Seeker: (surprised) Really?! And they called you back?
Me: Yup

She never asked what job I had and I didn’t ask what job she wanted. I guess we are both guilty.

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