Monday, January 17, 2011

My MLK Day Post

I just realized that the HIV / Anal Cancer Ad probably should not have been my MLK day post. So to make up for that here is my official MLK day post. I Love Dr. King. I mean who doesn't right? I didn't grow up with one of those velvet Dr. King framed pictures in my house but there was always an unstated respect as I think there is in all black households. But how many of us really go to MLK specific events on MLK day and how many of us just enjoy the day off? Now I am not going to be the one to try to make you feel guilty about that. I am home right now. In my pajamas, blogging.
MLK was the one black leader that they did actually teach you something about in school so I think all kids know at least the basics about him and know why he is to be admired but I am more concerned that he is really one of the few that we actually do learn anything about. So on this MLK day I am urging people to go learn about some other powerful black historical figures that don't get as much burn as Dr. King does. Maybe because they were too radical or because they weren't particularly non-violent or because they may not have been as "safe" for teachers to discuss. But they were important to American History nonetheless. Not just Black History.
Another thing to ponder is why we do not get out and get organized and get angry about anything anymore. Is it because things are better enough on the surface to keep us content and docile and somewhat paralyzed? We can get good education and jobs and afford nice clothes and cars and live in certain neighborhoods so we have just enough to lose that we aren't willing to sacrifice it for the bigger picture or the greater community. Let's have a moment of silence for Dr. King and our willingness to fight.

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