Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Closed Mouth...

OK there are certain things I pay big money for like organic fruits and vegetables and good furniture and more recently hair products but that's basically it. Getting a good deal or a good coupon code for something just makes me giddy with excitement and I want to tell everyone I know and don't know. So here goes, did you know that at Jetblue (and maybe other airlines too but I'm not sure) if you find your flight for less money they will credit you back the difference towards a future flight? so I booked a trip for December and barely a week later it was almost $100 less, got my credit back. I checked today and its $16 less.. got my credit back. I'm not playing and I will be checking every week until my trip. My goal is to have enough credits for an entire new round trip ticket to who-knows-where. And the way I found out is because I called Jet Blue customer support ready to beef and demand my money back but there was no beef needed, apparently its their policy. I would have never known if I didn't ask. And let this be a lesson, most of us are too ready to accept things for what they are or hang onto the idea that we have no real control over the things that are done to us by corporations or the government or other people. but we do.. sometimes.

I hope Jet Blue has the gingerbread biscotti again this year.

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