Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So I have hated Diddy for a long time and there are tons of blogs that will tell you all about how he does artists wrong etc. but this is my list and the cheated artists are only 1 reason. And yes he is a successful black man blah blah blah…. Can’t stand him.

The Top 10 reasons I hate Diddy.. and one more

1. His name is Diddy.. And he keeps changing it.. who cares. I mean really.

2. He needs Rosetta Stone… For ENGLISH. He is so inarticulate I cringe when he speaks and I close my eyes until its over. Make it stop! Make it stop! (Has anyone seen the Pro Activ commercial? “I aint want no bumps on my face”

3. He thinks people take him seriously. They don’t. They can’t. Maybe they take his money seriously but Caucasians everywhere laugh behind his back when he leaves meetings. Oh and black people too. I would.

4. He’s an eternal baby daddy… Really Diddy? Really? Give Kim Porter a ring. Please! She’s been through enough (sigh).

5. “Butta Wavy’s” We all know Diddy loves the Butta Wavy’s. A term I heard him use on some interview somewhere to describe the “better” looking fair skin-long hair-anything-that-doesn’t-look fully-black features of his favorite flavor of woman. But here’s the thing.. his twin daughters aren’t “Butta” or “Wavy” and even sadder for them I think they look like Diddy. I could write 8 posts on this topic but I won’t. not today.

6. I was going to list the M.I.A. Bad Boy Artists of the last decade plus. But why bother.. see them all here.. no one can list them all.. not even Diddy.. who I hate by the way.

7. He thinks he is funnier than he is. No one has the heart to tell him otherwise

8. Why isn’t he tired of the limelight yet? Does he really still need to be on stage? There are tons of things for him to do behind the scenes and still make money and leave room to feature actual artists.. Or here is a wild idea, take some time off and spend with all them damn kids. This is why rich people’s daughters end up in porn and on ecstasy and coke. They do it because they hate you DADDY!! I mean Puffy, I mean Diddy..

9. Al B Sure’s look alike ain’t your son! How you gon act like Al B Sure is dead, throw a super sweet 16 (yes for a boy) and then call it “Stuntin like my daddy” You ain’t his daddy.. if you marry his mom you can be his Step daddy.. but let’s not get crazy here, Diddy ain't marryin that girl

10. Ciroc would sell better if he wasn’t in the commercials

11. He Butchered "A Raisin in the Sun". I feel bad for Phylicia Rashad and all real actors that had to share the stage with his fool ass just because he has A.D.D and wants to do every single thing that may get him some attention.

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  1. 12. He carried on about B.I.G.'s death for so long that it became comical...I mean Chris' mom was over it before Puff..Diddy..Sean Combs was.

    That is all.