Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Love My Boo

Well I am all for Gay rights and Gay marriage and Gay couples adopting if they want to and I’m all about everyone doing what makes them happy in life so I am in full support of the Gays. I thought I was pretty liberal. With that said, I do NOT get this Ad. If you are fortunate enough to ride the New York City Subways like I am, you may have seen these Ads. The “I Love My Boo” campaign. Apparently it started in the bathrooms of Gay bars and if I understand it correctly it’s all about Gay pride but um… I don’t get it. What is it trying to tell me? Or sell me? I think it’s over kill. We all love our boos but why the Ad? Why do I need to see you loving him? I mean if you do ride the subways or hang out in NYC you see Gays live and in living color everyday and mostly who cares? I don’t think New Yorkers especially need this campaign. We get it. It is geared towards Gay men of color (not sure why, I won’t try to give an explanation here today) so you will only see black or Hispanic men in the Ads. And it is supposed to support pride in the wake of recent attacks on Gay men and apparently it is also supposed to promote safe sex.. But if you are homophobic this Ad won’t help and if you don’t support Gay rights the Ad won’t change your mind.
And I am not one that thinks that kids will be influenced to be gay just by seeing gay people but I STILL wouldn’t want to be going anywhere with my nephew or my godson and have to try to explain this. Is it overkill? Or am I not as liberal as I thought I was. I don’t know. Maybe I need a few more days to mull this over.

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