Monday, November 8, 2010

For Colored Girls.. who are sick of men trying to make it about them

Now I’m going to keep this brief because I had no intention on writing a review for this movie or even giving my opinion. I liked it, I enjoyed it just like I liked the play and the book when I read it in college. And I don’t feel like getting into the issues about black women and why they are great or why they suck and what about black men blah blah blah.

But then a male friend told me that some people feel the movie left you with nothing positive about black men so here I am. (sigh) I didn’t want to have to do this.
a) The movie doesn’t have to say anything positive about black men. Get over it. You got Hill Harper, he was a nice guy right? Geez!
b) It was based on a book / play from however many years ago. So the movie didn’t try to completely re-invent the play (as it shouldn’t have) and add more nice things about black men to make everyone feel better.
c) Isn’t every article and blog these days about how black women are so troubled or horrible or angry or whatever and how they are going to be single forever..? So why I ask, if there is a movie just to empower black women is this such a threat?

Ok that’s all. I got it out. Thanks for listening and do not feel compelled to answer my last question. It was rhetorical. (P.S. I like Michael Ealy so I’m only putting a pic of him as a visual representation of this entry despite what he did to dem babies in the movie.. how’s that for supporting black men? Again... Don’t answer that)

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  1. The people who have beef with the movie because it didn't offer anything positive about black men don't unerstand the movie. Obviously the movie wasn't meant to portray black men in a positive light, but also I don't think it (or the book) was created to necessarily tear black men down. I thought For Colored Girls... was a good move, BUT one of the side effects of the movie was that it showed black men in a negative light. Honestly, I wouldn't change anything about the movie. Also, you couldn't tell the story without making black men look like monsters. Lol. Like I said it just one of the side effects of the of those side effects you can't do anything about and have to deal with...similar to certain medications...