Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This is NOT about Relationships or being single

I just want to say that this is not a blog about relationships. And this is not the Why do men do this? and Why can't black men do that? or Why? Why? oh lord Why? Help me please! help me! tell me please! Blog.
I need to say this because I am sick and tired of every single gal having a blog about how hard it is to find a man because they are too cute or too smart or too educated or intimidating or just generally too awesome to find someone.
Here's the thing. That is like going on a job interview and when asked what your weaknesses are you say "I work too hard" or "I am obsessed with my work" or "I am too ambitious". OH yea sure, we're all really impressed. Let's be clear, most of us may not be as awesome as we think we are and that goes for men and women. And it is difficult to find a good man but it is NOT because you are too wonderful and no one can handle your overwhelming magnificence. And another thing, I am also tired of reading articles or seeing news reports or TV show segments on how doomed the black woman is and how she'll never get married and how the situation is so bleek. (and don't think eHarmony or don't use that propaganda as a marketing tool by starting to show black women with white men in their commercials, which is fine, but don't think I don't notice that you Advertising geniuses). We get it. It ain't easy being you (being us) but if you are as over-educated as you say you are and if you do possess this superior intelligence then stop letting the media victimize you, stop feeling helpless or hopeless because of the reports and statistics and find some other topics to discuss, what with your vast knowledge and life experience and all.

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